O F F I C I A L  W E B S I T E  OF  F L E X W A V E  T E C H N O L O G Y

When We Say Zero Bin Entry - We Mean It™

Learn how FlexWave's inflatable liner system provides 99.99% clean-out and Zero Bin Entry.

    .... safe, simple and ingenious

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FlexWave® is an innovative unloading system for emptying grain from steel and concrete silos.  Its revolutionary inflatable liner system has the power to discharge up to 100 tons of grain at less than 1 PSI.     



Watch how the FlexWave technology improves the handling of feed and grain.


FlexWave licenses are available now for use with Barges, Grain Wagons, Bunker Storage and Concrete Silos.

flexwave® is an industry changing technology