Grain Bunker

The Flexwave Technology has been designed for use in outdoor and indoor bunker systems.  There is no need for bulldozers, front-end bucket loaders and wasted fuel and labor.  Flexwave's® Bunker System transforms the operation into an automatic truck and rail car loading facility.

Bulk Grain Trailer 

The FlexWave® Inflatable Liner System makes hauling bulk grain simple and cost effective.  FlexWave® eliminates the need for hoppers and the sophisticated engineering (and rivets).

Automatic Operation


99.99% Clean-Out

Cost Effective


Lowest Tare Weight

Highest Hauling Capacity

No Hoppers & No Rivets

Affordable & Cost Effective

Unloads Like a Silo

Automatic Operation

​Eliminates Labor, Fuel and Equipment Costs

​As simple as the press of a button

Under Development

FlexGuard™ Liner

When bridging or rat-holing exists in any type of silo or bin, you have a dangerous condition. With the Flexwave "Clean-Wall System", the blockage can be cleared from outside the silo with a simple press of a button.  

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When We Say Zero Bin Entry - We Mean It

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Converts any Shipboard Container into a Bulk Trailer

Handles & Discharges Poor Flowing Bulk Materials​

Creates a Very Safe, High-Cube & Low-Cost Wagon

Solves Bridging and Rat-Holing Problems

Eliminates Side Wall Build-Up & Caking

Keeps Side Walls Clean

​Coming Soon

​Safe & Low Profile  

Low Center of Gravity 

Automatic Unloading

High Capacity


For Use in Concrete Silos 

Retrofit Kits for converting flat-bottom,  concrete silos with the new FlexWave Unloading and Aeration System will become available in the summer of 2018.  The FlexWave® Aeration Kit can be added or removed any time.


Grain Wagon

 If your company is currently manufacturing the industry standard, hopper-bottom grain wagon design, it may be time to consider upgrading your product line.  

Shipboard Container

The shipboard container is accepted as the only shipping method that can be used on a global basis.  FlexWave enables a container to haul and discharge bulk grain at a low cost with maximum efficiency and capacity.  

Barge and Ship

The current method of unloading grain from boats, barges and ships is hundreds of years old.  Consider the advantages of simply pressing a button to unload a barge full of grain.