Barge and Ship

The current method of unloading grain from boats, barges and ships is hundreds of years old.  Consider the advantages of simply pressing a button to unload a barge full of grain.

Bulk Grain Trailer 

The FlexWave® Inflatable Liner System makes hauling bulk grain simple and cost effective.  FlexWave® eliminates the need for hoppers and the sophisticated engineering (and rivets).

Automatic Operation


99.99% Clean-Out

Cost Effective


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Lowest Tare Weight

Highest Hauling Capacity

No Hoppers & No Rivets

Affordable & Cost Effective

​Safe & Low Profile  

Low Center of Gravity 

Automatic Unloading

High Capacity


Unloads Like a Silo

Automatic Operation

​Eliminates Labor, Fuel and Equipment Costs

​As simple as the press of a button

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Converts any Shipboard Container into a Bulk Trailer

Handles & Discharges Poor Flowing Bulk Materials​

Creates a Very Safe, High-Cube & Low-Cost Wagon

Solves Bridging and Rat-Holing Problems

Eliminates Side Wall Build-Up & Caking

Keeps Side Walls Clean

Shipboard Container

The shipboard container is accepted as the only shipping method that can be used on a global basis.  FlexWave enables a container to haul and discharge bulk grain at a low cost with maximum efficiency and capacity.  

Grain Bunker

The Flexwave Technology has been designed for use in outdoor and indoor bunker systems.  There is no need for bulldozers, front-end bucket loaders and wasted fuel and labor.  Flexwave's® Bunker System transforms the operation into an automatic truck and rail car loading facility.

When We Say Zero Bin Entry - We Mean It

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FlexGuard™ Liner

When bridging or rat-holing exists in any type of silo or bin, you have a dangerous condition. With the Flexwave "Clean-Wall System", the blockage can be cleared from outside the silo with a simple press of a button.  

For Use in Concrete Silos 

Retrofit Kits for converting flat-bottom,  concrete silos with the new FlexWave Unloading and Aeration System will become available in the summer of 2018.  The FlexWave® Aeration Kit can be added or removed any time.


Grain Wagon

 If your company is currently manufacturing the industry standard, hopper-bottom grain wagon design, it may be time to consider upgrading your product line.