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Because the initial patents (prior art) of the inventor were not scaleable beyond silos greater than 12' in diameter, the development work to apply the inflatable liner technology to large grain silos and different shapes began in 2010.  Moving 75 tons of grain with a sheet of industrial fabric at less than .7 PSI was very challenging. When you stand back and think about - who knew that a pool cover and $50 vacuum cleaner motor had the potential to provide so much power with such a gentle and precise force. 

The initial development of the inflatable liner concept took place in the early 1980's.  The inventor at that time was the plant manager of his famiiy's food processing business.  With daily production requirements of 1M pounds of bulk sugar / day, the inventor asked himself, wouldn't it be great if we could store our sugar indoors in low-profile, flat-bottom tanks like our liquid products. 

GSI (Grain Systems Inc.) is the Exclusive, Worldwide Licensee of the Flexwave Technology for use in Steel Grain Silos.

FlexWave / GSI Relationship