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​​Flexwave Licensing Opportunities

All of the Flexwave Products, as shown on the Flexwave Products page, are available for licensing on a territorial basis.  Whether it is an exclusive, worldwide license for using the Flexwave Technology in steel grain silos like GSI's license or a license for selling / installing the Flexwave Unloading System in concrete silos in Canada, Australia or Europe, a variety of licenses are available.  

The Flexwave Technology changes all of the rules on how to store, handle, transport and discharge dry bulk materials.  Put simply, it makes hopper bottom silo design and sweep auger system obsolete for many applications. 

The most noticeable advantage over traditional types of dry bulk storage vessels is the elimination of the elevated cone or hopper bottom discharge component.  In place of the cone which acts as a restrictive bottleneck, the Flexwave Technology uses an inflatable liner system that automatically adjusts the slope / flow angle from 0 to 110 degrees to ensure complete clean-out.  Other benefits include increased storage capacity, the ability to discharge poor flowing materials, zero bin entry, a low profile design, improved safety and much lower cost.

The Flexwave Technology can be used in almost any type , shape and size of a new or existing storage vessel including:

     Concrete Grain Silos                       Grain Wagons

     Bulk Trailers                                     Shipboard Containers

​     Rail Cars, Ships & Barges              Bunker Storage 

Patents Pending in more than a dozen countries